Qom is one of the most amazing cities in Iran which is located to the south of Tehran and is accessible through a nice 120 KM highway.
It takes about an hour and a half to reach Qom on a bus which is available at the south bus terminal of Tehran.
The best season to visit this city is springtime and it has really hot summers.
The holy shrine of Fatima is the most amazing thing you can visit in addition to the historical architecture of the old bazaar and Timche which is located inside the Bazar.

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How to go to Qom from Tehran

There are different ways to go to Qom from Tehran which is 135 km. it will take one hour and thirty minutes to get to this city of one million three hundred population. It is located right on the route to Kashan so it is …

Timche Bazaar Qom

Qom old Bazaar is one of the most beautiful bazaars in Qom. It is located in the center of the city. In the heart of this old bazaar of Qom, there is an architectural masterpiece built by Hasan Qomi (known as Memarbashi) in 1620.  There is a …

Haj Askar Khan Bathhouse

Historical bathhouses of Iran have the most exclusive architecture in the world. Nowadays, most people have private baths in their homes, but in past, there were only public baths. In addition to being a place for washing they also were for family, friends, business, and …