Timche Bazaar Qom

Qom Bazaar

Qom old Bazaar is one of the most beautiful bazaars in Qom. It is located in the center of the city. In the heart of this old bazaar of Qom, there is an architectural masterpiece built by Hasan Qomi (known as Memarbashi) in 1620.

 There is a bazaar next to Timcheh called New bazaar.

Timcheh Generally was made for the carpet trade, and today carpet is the most important industrial product of this bazaar.

So many people spend their time in this place buying and selling carpets every day.


Timche Bazaar Qom

One of the most unique and remarkable elements of  Timcheh Bazaare Qom is the roof which is known as the largest Zarbi roof in Iran. (The structure of its roof is 3 Cheshmeh)

The two main functions of the roof in this bazaar are to prevent extreme heat and cold in different seasons.

Ventilation and lighting of the Timcheh are provided through the holes located in its dome. These holes are located at the top of the dome in a circle on both sides. The passing of light rays through these holes with wonderful plaster works makes the space exclusive.


Timche Qom

Timcheh bazaare Qom has two floors. Large rooms and 2 entrances are on the ground floor and on the first floor we have Shahneshin and some small rooms.

Timcheh has 42 rooms. (27 rooms are on the ground floor, and 15 rooms are on the first floor.)

The dimensions of the rooms are different, but most of them have the same size and proportions with slight differences.

The shape of the rooms is also rectangular, covered with a vault.


It is the most significant part of the Timche bazaar Qom with unique architectural features and astonishing decorations.

It is also a residence of someone in charge of the building and dominates all its parts.


Timche Bazaar Qom

The materials used in Timcheh Qom have been selected according to environmental and climatic facilities to have sufficient Resistance and acceptable efficiency. These materials are clay, brick, mud, and stone.

Here you can see the combination of art and architecture connected to people’s life.

Despite the changes that have occurred, it still has its stunning beauty. So, if you are interested in the Iranian carpet industry or like to walk around the bazaars, we suggest you visit the grand Timche.

Written by: Reihanneh Vaezi

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